Family Engagement Tools

The following family engagement tools were created by the Family Engagement Team at CanChild to support family engagement planning on research teams. 

Family Engagement Plan 

This worksheet provides a simple guideline on key considerations to take into account for family engagement in research. 

Team Member Introduction

This worksheet provides a simple method to introduce a family partner, researcher, or stakeholder into a team. Specific questions targeting indivdiual skills and abilities are asked to ensure diverse strengths of the team are recognized.

Team Brainstorming

This worksheet provides space for families, stakeholders as well as researchers to plan a research project that fits the needs of all parties involved in the study. It helps all parties determine what is considered a 'successful' project. 

Budgeting Form for Stakeholder Engagement

Adapted from the Involvement Cost Calculator from Involve UK, this form uses a cost calculator to determine a budget that needs to be allocated in a research grant to support stakeholder and family engagement. It is important to plan your budget ahead of time to ensure fair compensation for families and stakeholders you choose to involve.