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Salma ElMansy

Research Assistant

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Research and Knowledge Translation Support


Salma E. El Mansy, MD, MSc, is a Clinical Research Assistant at the CanChild Centre and the department of Pediatrics at McMaster University. She is currently working on two clinical research projects: the C-BiLLT Project and the Tecla-E Project. Salma is a graduate of the “Clinical Research Associate Program” at McMaster University. She has assisted in conducting several clinical research projects both at McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation. ElMansy’s background is of an international medical graduate. She holds a Master’s degree in Pediatrics. Having interest in developmental disabilities as a subspecialty, she had also obtained a professional diploma in Pediatric Neurodisabilities. Before relocating to Canada, Salma held the position of a faculty staff member at the Pediatric Neurology Department at Alexandria University in Egypt.

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