F-words Videos

My Favourite Words - English and Spanish

Produced in collaboration with Instituto Nossa Casa (Brasil) with support from the Ontario Brain Institute.

These six F-Words won’t fill up your swear jar: What do the F-Words mean to youth with impairments?

Created in partnership with Ontario youth with disabilities with funding from the Ontario Brain Institute.

Focusing on Fitness: Participation in Parasports

This was a webinar presented by Christina Swett and Julia Hanes to discuss the role of parasports in the lives of children and adults with disabilities, and to show people how to get involved.

(Time: 48 minutes 01 seconds)

The F-Words- A Framework for Supporting Family Wellbeing

This was a panel presentation (Panelists: Julia Hanes, Danijela Grahovac, Jonathan Lu, Maria Susini) at CP-NET Science and Family Day about what the F-words means to parents, youth, and clinicians and their hopes for the future of the F-words.

(Time: 40 minutes 30 seconds)

Dr. Gorter introduces the F-words of Disability

This video offers a quick overview of the six F-words developed by Dr. Rosenbaum and Dr. Gorter.

(Time: 36 seconds)

F-words in Childhood Disability Awareness Video 

A three-minute awareness video co-created by families and researchers to spread awareness on the F-words in Childhood Disability.

(Time: 3 minutes)

An introduction to the six F-words in Childhood Disability 

Dr. Rosenbaum introduces the six F-words in Childhood Disability - Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends, Future. 

(Time: 2 minutes)

Dr. Rosenbaum presents on the F-Words in Childhood Disability 

This is a video of Dr. Rosenbaum's first presentation on the F-words as a Keynote Address at the16th Conference & Annual Meeting of the North of England Collaborative Cerebral Palsy Survey in Durham,UK in 2011. 

(Time: 1 hour)

Parental perspectives on the F-words 

Diane Kay (a parent researcher on the F-words in Childhood Disability Research Team) presents a parental perspective on the F-words at CanChild Research Issue (April 2013). 

(Time: 20 minutes)

External Videos on the F-words 

Vicki Cavalieros, CEO, Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN), Australia 

Vicki Cavalieros discusses the F Words and how clinicians should work with individuals with cerebral palsy and their families.

Tess Karambelas, Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN), Australia 

Tess Karambelas gives personal insight and advice for clinicians working with individuals with cerebral palsy.