FOCUS Webinars

To support people’s understanding of the Focus on the Outcomes of Communication Under Six (FOCUS) as a measurement tool, and how it can be effectively used to evaluate participation-based outcomes in preschoolers with speech and language impairments, four webinar modules have been created. The modules were developed in collaboration with front-line clinicians, managers, and senior policy makers in Ontario’s Preschool Speech and Language Program. Their purpose is to ensure clinically relevant and useful content. 

Module 1 presents a review of evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology, differentiates discriminativeand evaluativeassessment practices, and reviews how children’s communication outcomes can be considered within the World Health Organization’s ICF Framework. 

Module 2 presents information about the development of the FOCUS and evidence of its validity and reliability.

Module 3 explains how the focus is administered and scored, and how total and profile scores can be interpreted. This module also presents research studies that have used the FOCUS to evaluate outcomes for specific interventions.

Module 4 explains how participation-based measurement tools can be used to evaluate program-level outcomes and presents program-level research findings.

All modules include video testimonials from parents and clinicians that support the FOCUS.