MPOC-SP Online Survey

What is it?

The Measures of Processes of Care for Service Providers (MPOC-SP) is a self-assessment tool for pediatric service providers that measures the extent to which the services they provide are family-centred. The MPOC-SP has 27 items and is often used alongside the parent-completed MPOC. The MPOC-SP Online Survey is a web-based version of the measure availabe in FluidSurvey, Redcap or LimeSurvey.

The online version allows for distribution of the survey via your preferred provider and for the data to be collected electronically, eliminating the need for paper-based administration and data transposition, while minimizing potential errors and cutting down turn around times.CanChild transfers the electronic version it has developed to the purchaser but does not collect or take any responsibility for data. For more information on the MPOC please see our resources section.

How do I get it?

The online version is available in FluidSurveyLimeSurvey and RedCap survey software. You must have an account with either of these providers in order to properly administer the survey. Please select your preferred software version under product language variations.

Instructions on how to import the MPOC-SP into FluidSurvey
Instructions on how to import the MPOC-SP into LimeSurvey

Instructions on how to import the MPOC-SP into RedCap

If you have any questions, or would like to format the MPOC-SP for another survey provider please contact us.

Introduction to MPOC

The following video provides an introduction to CanChild's Measure of Processes of Care, which looks at families' perceptions on the care they and their child receive, and highlights MPOC's relationship to family-centred service. 

Authors: Susanne King, Peter Rosenbaum, Gillian King