What is it?

The TRANSITION-Q is a new psychometrically sound and clinically meaningful scale that can be used in transition programmes with adolescents starting at 12 years of age to measure and track the development of skills they need to acquire to manage their health and healthcare. The content of the scale was designed to include a range of skills that vary from those that even young adolescents should be able to do (e.g. answer a doctor’s or nurse’s questions) to skills that may require instruction or training (e.g. book a clinical appointment).

The use of this scale in clinical practice by healthcare providers (e.g., with electronic data collection and real-time generation of patient reports showing the pattern of responses to the 14 items) would make it possible to identify patients’ strengths as well as areas for improvement so that these can be addressed.

How do I get it?

This is a downloadable PDF. Licensing for the online survey version of this measure is sold separately. Please contact us for pricing information.


A sample section from the Transition-Q can be found below:

Authors: Anne Klassen, Jan Willem Gorter, Christina Grant