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Dr. Lisa Chiarello

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Lisa Chiarello, PT, PhD, PCS, FAPTA is a Professor and Director of the PhD and DHSc Programs at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and is board certified as a Pediatric Clinical Specialist. She received her PT degree from Ithaca College and her PhD degree from Hahnemann University. Dr. Chiarello has served the APTA Section on Pediatrics as the Region IV Director and chair of the Practice and Nominating Committees and chair of the Early Intervention Special Interest Group. She is currently a board member for United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia and vicinity. Dr. Chiarello practices, teaches, and conducts research in the area of pediatric service delivery, determinants of outcomes, family-centered care, parent-child interactions, and play. She was principal investigator for the Move & PLAY research study. And co-PI for the PT COUNTS study examining the relationship of student outcomes to school-based physical therapy services. Dr. Chiarello is co-investigator for the On Track and Engagement in Pediatric Rehabilitation studies. Her recent publications include "Child Engagement in Daily Life: A measure of participation for children with cerebral palsy” and "Understanding participation of young children with cerebral palsy" as well as book chapters on Family-Centered Care and Early Intervention Services.

Areas of Focus

Community-based practice, family-centered care, and understanding participation outcomes for children with physical disabilities


Move & Play Executive Summary

The purpose of the Move & PLAY study was to gain a better understanding of the child, family, and service delivery factors that support the development of movement abilities and participation in self-care, recreation, and play of preschool children with cerebral palsy (CP).

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Recreation and Rehabilitation Services - Move & Play

This report focuses on what parents told us about the recreation and rehabilitation services their children received. We collected information about various aspects of these services at the 2nd session, using a parent questionnaire developed by the research team.

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Motor and Self-Care Abilities - Move & Play

There are 2 summaries in this series describing the results of the main goal of the Move & PLAY study: to determine which child, family, and service factors influence children’s motor, self-care, and play abilities.

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