1. Can I bring my child in to be diagnosed, to receive treatment or for a referral?

CanChild receives numerous requests from families looking for assistance in locating health care professionals who can diagnose or provide services for children with developmental conditions.

CanChild is not a medical clinic or treatment centre and we are not able to see children who have developmental conditions, to provide a diagnosis, or to refer families to any particular medical practitioners or health service agencies. We are able to provide general information about a variety of diagnosis here.

2. How can I help CanChild continue to support children and youth with disabilities and their families?

CanChild is actively fundraising to sustain our knowledge exchange services, including maintaining this website and ensuring that it is current and of a high quality. If you use and appreciate our resources, please contribute to CanChild. Your gift will allow us to continue sharing the knowledge from our research with families, who are working hard to support their children and youth with disabilities, and with service providers, who are seeking to ensure that their clinical services reflect the most current evidence.

Click here to donate to CanChild.

3. What do I do if I am interested in translating an existing CanChild measure or document?

For more information about the use of our materials and our translation guidelines, please follow here. Note that some of the copyright ownership for our measures belong to the publisher, not CanChild, so be sure to check with us first to find out who you need to speak to about permission for translating.

4. Can I contact CanChild to get more information about a study, article, etc.?

Of course, please feel free to contact us. Depending on the volume of requests, the complexity of the request, or the availability of an appropriate CanChild member to respond to your request, it may take several days. Please be patient and feel free to follow-up with us if you are concerned that you have not heard back.

5. What training courses/workshops can I attend?

CanChild does provide training in-person and virtual workshops. Check out our website fore more information or contact us.