COVID-19 supports for people with disabilities and caregivers

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What are the supports for people with disabilities and their caregivers during COVID-19?

In this study we want to get a better understanding of the current situation of people with disabilities at the time of coronavirus. Specifically, we want to know:

  • What are the concerns and challenges that people with disabilities and caregivers of people with disabilities (both adults and children) are facing at this time?
  • What supports do people with disabilities and caregivers of people with disabilities need to address these challenges, and are these supports available?

We are interested in the experiences of people of all ages: children, youth, adults and the elderly. 

The goal is to publish the results online and in publications. Our hope is to inform policy makers about the most pressing issues and to share positive examples of removing barriers and improving access to care. 


How to get involved


Share your experience

If you are person with a disability or a parent/caregiver to someone with a disability, we would like to hear from you! E-mail Kinga Pozniak at for more information.

If you would like to find out more information about the study, please contact:

Kinga Pozniak, Associate Investigator


What we are learning

Preliminary results from Canada


Project Team

Principal Investigator            

  • Dr. Olaf Kraus de Camargo, CanChild, McMaster University 

Associate Investigators          

  • Dr. Farah Ahmad, York University 
  • Dr. Kinga Pozniak, CanChild, McMaster University 
  • Dr. Matt Freeman, CanChild, McMaster University