Use of Materials & Translation Guidelines

If you are looking to use CanChild's measures or tools for commercial clinical trials, industry sponsored research, or integration into electronic health records, please contact us at to obtain a license.

All materials found on the CanChild website are copyright of McMaster University. Reproduction and distribution of measures, reports and any other materials readily available through our site can be used under the following restrictions:

  • Materials found on our site are available for personal, non-commercial use. 
  • Some of CanChild's measures and tools are available for license for use in a clinical practice, academic research, program evaluation, or academic teaching and can be purchased in our shop.
  • All content must be produced in its entirety, without modification or exclusions.
  • Reproduction must include all references to authors, CanChild, any copyright information, any mention of our website address or McMaster University.
  • There must be no charge for the provision of these materials.
  • You have our permission to add a cover sheet for the above should you wish to do so.

Permission for reproduction or distribution in any format (paper or electronic) of any measures, forms or products that are purchased outside of CanChild are not granted or included in the above. You must contact the publisher or retailer of that product directly to inquire about permissions for duplication or distribution. A few examples of these products would be: GMFM User's Manual, The KIT, and CAPE.

Anyone considering large reproductions of any of our materials for workshops, classes, manuals, etc., should contact us at first before any reproduction or distribution is undertaken.


If you are considering creating a translation of any CanChild materials that are directly available from the CanChild website, please contact us at before you begin translation. After discussion, if there is a decision to proceed with the translation then a Translation Protocol will be provided, depending on the item you are proposing to translate.

If you are considering the translation of any external CanChild-related materials that you have purchased from either a publisher or a bookstore, you must contact the provider to inquire about permission to translate.