DCD Physician Study

5-6% of school-aged children have DCD.

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) is a significant but under-recognized medical condition that affects 5-6% of school-aged children. Primary care physicians are in an ideal position to identify and manage children with this disorder. This study investigated the use of an educational outreach program (using a 'shared-care' model) made available to 147 primary care physicians to improve the long-term management of children with DCD.

This research was funded by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (2004 - 2006). Financial support was also provided by the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute. The researchers are grateful to Dr. Stuart Coupland for financing the cost of publishing the manuscript from this research study in an open access journal that is accessible to all.


Educational outreach and collaborative care enhances physician's perceived knowledge about developmental coordination disorder ​