Perceived Efficacy and Goal Setting in Children with Disabilities (PEGS) Study

Years of Study: 2000 - 2002

In the PEGS study we are examining whether young children with a disability (6-9 years) can validly self-report their performance on everyday tasks, and whether these self-reports can be used to establish and prioritize goals for occupational therapy intervention. We are also interested in finding out whether children's reports and identified goals are similar to those identified by their teachers and their parents. At the completion of this research project, information about purchase of the PEGS Outcome Measure will be made available on the CanChild Website.

Research Team


  • May assist young children to participate more actively in their own therapy, by establishing and prioritizing goals for OT intervention.
  • May help us understand the ability of young children with disabilities to report their perceptions of their own competence

Project Update

Funding Agency

The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation - $125,571 (2000-2002)