Measure of Processes of Care Software

Might the development of a software system to accompany the Measure of Processes of Care (MPOC) Outcome Measure enhance the use of this tool in clinical practice? The purpose of this project is to create such a tool, and then evaluate its effectiveness. Specifically, this will involve developing both a software program and a user's guide and then evaluating the effectiveness of these in facilitating the use and analysis of MPOC data. The Grandview Centre in Oshawa will be involved with the evaluative portion of the study.

The MPOC is a discriminative measure developed by members of CanChild to assess the implementation of quality and family-centred services within childrens' rehabilitation centres.

Research Team


to facilitate the use of the MPOC in pediatric programs for children with disabilities. 

Funding Agency

The Jack & Ina Pollock Foundation - $7,500 (2001-2002)