Children with Disabilities in Ontario: A Profile of Children's Services (FCS-II)

This cross-sectional survey has been conducted as a follow-up to a study of family-centred service implementation in Ontario during the early 1990's. Its purpose was to gain knowledge about the services provided to children with disabilities and their families between 1998-2000, and also to examine perceptions of these services. Data were collected concurrently from parents, service providers, and executive directors/managers of organisations that provide rehabilitation services. The findings are summarized in three reports that provide a profile of children's services in Ontario from 1998-2000, to which you may link below.

Part 1 (Jan 2000): Children, families and services | Part 2 (June 2000): Perceptions about family-centred service delivery for children with disabilities | Part 3 (Sept 2001): Factors affecting family-centred service delivery for children with disabilities 

Research Team

  • M Law 
  • S King 
  • P Hurley 
  • J Woodside 


Demonstrates current trends and best practices in pediatric rehabilitation health care to parents, clinicians, and policymakers.

Funding Agency

Ontario Ministry of Health (1998 - 2000)