Assistance to Participate Scale (APS)

Authors: Bourke-Taylor, H.M., Law, M, & Howie, L

The APS is a brief, psychometrically sound instrument that measures the assistance that a school-aged child with a disability requires to participate in play and leisure activities at home or in the community, from the primary caregiver's perspective. The APS may be used as an outcome measure and to evaluate and predict the amount and type of additional assistance families need to facilitate their child's participation in an important aspect of the child's daily life and development: play and recreation.

The APS Information Booklet can be accessed here:


Bourke-Taylor, H. M., Law, M., Howie, L., & Pallant, J. F. (2009). Development of the Assistance to Participate Scale (APS) for children's play and leisure activities. Child: Care, Health and Development, 35(5), 738-745.

Bourke-Taylor, H. M., Howie, L., & Law, M. (2010). Impact of caring for a school aged child with a disability: Understanding mothers' perspectives. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 57(2), 127-136.