Development and Testing of a Resource Manual for Parents of Young Adults Who Receive Individualized Funding for Support

The goal of this project is to develop a Resource Manual that can be broadly circulated to families who receive individualized funding. It is expected to enhance the quality of life and community participation of young adults with disabilities. This five-year project will assist them in the management of the funding and their work as parents to find supports for their children and family. The Resource Manual will be developed with the 10 families who are involved in the Opening Doors project. Researchers will seek input from all families as to the content and format of such a Manual . Another goal is to evaluate the Resource Manual as to its use, utility and impact. A prototype of the Research Manual will be given to all families to use during the Opening Doors project in years two to five.

Research Team


Ministry of Community, Family and Children's Services - $40,000 (2003-2007)