The CanChild Team Knowledge Translation Product Guide

Welcome to the CanChild Knowledge Translation Product Guide!

Part of CanChild’s mission is to ensure that research findings and study/project information are made accessible and understandable for all potential audiences. We want to ensure that the research we conduct is being translated to and reached by those it impacts most (i.e., families, service providers, policy makers etc.). In order to provide information in an accessible and user-friendly format, CanChild has developed this Knowledge Translation (KT) Product Guide to assist you to develop KT products. In this guide, you will find descriptions and examples of a variety of KT products that you can create to showcase your research findings. Under each KT product, you will find information about how to develop the product, when and why you would develop the product, the resources needed to develop the product, and the amount of time needed to successfully and effectively develop the product. 

Within this guide you will find resources to be used to develop the different KT products. There are also multiple examples of the KT products for your reference. We encourage CanChild KT products to be developed using the CanChild branding guidelines (e.g., CanChild colours, logo). Please see the end of this guide for further information about how to download the CanChild branding guidelines and other useful resources.

Overall, this guide was developed to help you choose and develop accessible KT products that are best suited for your KT goals and the research/information you want to highlight. Together with CanChild’s current KT or communications assistant, you will create user-friendly resources that are comprehensible by all audiences. We hope to increase knowledge and awareness about CanChild’s research, in turn, having a meaningful impact on the lives of children with disabilities and chronic conditions and their families. 

Creating Your KT Product

As a CanChild researcher, scientist, associate member, or graduate student, you will have access to CanChild’s KT or Communications Assistant/Student to help you develop and promote the KT product most suitable for disseminating your research. Rachel Teplicky will put you in touch with the appropriate CanChild student and/or assistant depending on the KT product you want to develop.