F-words Footprint

Researchers and families are partnering together to spread awareness and increase the uptake of the F-words around the world. Here are a list of publications, presentations, posters, news articles, blogs, and videos that have featured the F-words ideas. The F-words Footprint highlights how the F-words are being shared by people around the world and we hope it will continue to grow. 

If you have written a blog or article on the F-words or included the F-words ideas in your presentations or publications, please share with us how you are using the F-words concepts. Please contact Andrea Cross (crossac@mcmaster.ca). 

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F-Words Presentations

Since 2011, we have given over 100 presentations on the F-words around the world. Many of the presentations have been invited speaker talks/workshops. Many of the presentations have also been co-presented with youth, parents, and clinicians (identified with a red tag). Please take a moment to explore how the F-words have taken flight around the world through this interactive map. By clicking on the tags you will find information on each presentation including: the presenter(s), type of presentation, title of presentation, date, and location. If you are interested in learning more about the F-words presentations/workshops, please contact Andrea Cross at crossac@mcmaster.ca.

CanChild F-words Videos 

Focusing on Fitness: Participation in Parasports

This was a webinar presented by Christina Swett and Julia Hanes to discuss the role of parasports in the lives of children and adults with disabilities, and to show people how to get involved.

(Time: 48 minutes 01 seconds)

The F-Words- A Framework for Supporting Family Wellbeing

This was a panel presentation (Panelists: Julia Hanes, Danijela Grahovac, Jonathan Lu, Maria Susini) at CP-NET Science and Family Day about what the F-words means to parents, youth, and clinicians and their hopes for the future of the F-words.

(Time: 40 minutes 30 seconds)

Dr. Gorter introduces the F-words of Disability

This video offers a quick overview of the six F-words developed by Dr. Rosenbaum and Dr. Gorter.

(Time: 36 seconds)

F-words in Childhood Disability Awareness Video 

A three-minute awareness video co-created by families and researchers to spread awareness on the F-words in Childhood Disability.

(Time: 3 minutes)

An introduction to the six F-words in Childhood Disability 

Dr. Rosenbaum introduces the six F-words in Childhood Disability - Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends, Future. 

(Time: 2 minutes)

Dr. Rosenbaum presents on the F-Words in Childhood Disability 

This is a video of Dr. Rosenbaum's first presentation on the F-words as a Keynote Address at the16th Conference & Annual Meeting of the North of England Collaborative Cerebral Palsy Survey in Durham,UK in 2011. 

(Time: 1 hour)

Parental perspectives on the F-words 

Diane Kay (a parent researcher on the F-words in Childhood Disability Research Team) presents a parental perspective on the F-words at CanChild Research Issue (April 2013). 

(Time: 20 minutes)

Conference Presentation Posters

Screen shot 2019 07 29 at 4.55.00 pm

Exploring the international uptake of the 'F-words in Childhood Disability': A Citation Analysis​
Soper, Cross, Rosenbaum, Gorter

Fwords agreement

The F-Words in Childhood Disability: A Rights-Based Values Statement for Children, Families and Service Providers
Kay, Rosenbaum, Gorter, Kolehmainen & Camden

F words ktjourney

The F-words in Childhood Disability: Embracing Opportunities for Knowledge Translation
Cross, RosenbaumGrahovac, Kay, BaptisteGorter

Fwords valuesstatement

The F-words in Childhood Disability: A Values Statement for Children, Families and Service Providers
Kay, Rosenbaum, Gorter, Kolehmainen & Camden

Fwords swimming

Splashing through the 'F-words': Exploring the aquatic environment for disabled children
Cross, RosenbaumGorter & Schneider

Fwords video

A Family-Researcher Partnership: Working together to spread awareness on the 'F-words' in Childhood Disability
Cross, Rosenbaum, GrahovacKayGorter

Deirdre talty poster for pds conference dec 2017 (1)

Progressing Children’s Disability Services: The “F-words” in Action - Clare DCD Sports Group​
Deidre Talty

F words tools brazilian

Translation of the 'F-Words' Tools and the ICF Framework with the 'F-Words' into Brazilian Portuguese

Beatriz Helena Brugnaro, Ana Carolina de Campos, Nelci Adriana Cicuto Ferreira Rocha

What are other people saying about the F-words?

Online News Articles:

The Sunday Times highlights the F-words in an article by Kumudini Hettiarachchi, titled “Changing lives with the all-important F-words” (January 29 2017)

Dr. Fiona Jones (Occupational Therapist), Australia wrote an article on the F-words, titled "The six 'F's' of therapy planning for your child" on the Source Kids website (August 15 2016)

Your Therapy Source highlights the F-words article on their blog titled F-words in Childhood Disability (December 23 2015)

Renee Ellis, Occupational Therapist provides an article review on the "F-words in Childhood Disability" in the ASD Connector, Child & Parent Resource Institute (September 2015, pg. 7)

Hamilton Spectator article on the F-words written by Rachael Williams, titled "CanChild focuses on the F-words" (June 28 2014)

CP Daily Living highlights the F-words in the Patient-Professional Communication section of their website, titled "Creating balance using the “Five ‘F’s in Childhood Disability" (January 15 2014)

Rehab & Community Care Medicine highlights the work of CanChild and Dr. Peter Rosenbaum in an article titled "Childhood Disability: What’s new in the 21st Century?" (Fall, 2013, pg. 37)

McMaster Children’s Hospital highlights The F-words in Childhood Disability in the CDRP Communicator (Fall 2013)

Diane Kay (F-words Parent Researcher) writes about the F-words in the Holland Bloorview Bloom Magazine, titled "Has your doctor heard about these F-words?" (March 4 2013)

Globe and Mail article written by Tralee Pearce titled "Mastering motor skills with a little mischief." Includes an interview with Dr. Peter Rosenbaum and an introduction to the F-words (0ctober 25 2012)

United Cerebral Palsy highlights the F-words in an article titled "Priorities in Cerebral Palsy Research" (June 2012)

Online Blog Posts: 

Alison Morse wrote a blog post on Easter Seals Kids at School titled "The F-Words and Individual Education Plans" (February 7, 2019)

Ellie Barton (Physiotherapist), UK wrote a blog post on Children’s Physio Blogger titled “F-Words Paper – The ‘F-words’ in childhood disability: I swear this is how we should think” (April 4 2017)

Alicia Manzanas García (Physiotherapist), Spain wrote a blog post on Efisio Pediatric titled “Las sexta palabra de las F-Words,” translated as “The sixth word of the F-words” (February 24 2017)

Jessica Geboers (Patient & Disability Advocate), Ontario, Canada wrote a blog post titled “Six F-Words: Some New, Positive, F-Words To Keep In Mind” (November 11 2016)

Jennifer Johannesen (Author & Healthcare Advisor), Ontario, Canada wrote a blog post on her blog, which highlighted the F-words, titled “What could be better than patient-centred care? Here are a few examples” (October 24 2016)

Donna Thomson (Parent & Disability Activist), Ontario, Canada wrote a blog post on her blog The Caregivers' Living Room, which highlighted the F-words, titled “The Talk Disability Parents Want With Doctors” (September 3 2016)

Julie Brocklehurst (Parent-Researcher), Newfoundland, Canada blogs on the F-words on her Tiptoeing Through webpage

         "The ‘F-words’ in Childhood Disability" (August 31 2016) 

          "F-words!" (July 20 2014) 

         "CP in Motion" (May 21 2014)

Emily Hayles (Physiotherapist), Australia wrote a blog post on the Move and Play Paediatric Therapy website titled “F-words in Childhood Disability” (May 25 2016)

Deepa Bajracharya (Physiotherapist), Nepal wrote a blog post on Pediatric Rehabilitation Nepal webpage titled “Disability, Nepal and F-words” (May 28 2015)

Lotta Kauhanen (Physiotherapist), Finland wrote a blog post on Terveyttä Tieteestä titled “F-words in Rehabilitation - News from the International Rehabilitation Congress" (May 12 2015)

Anika William Shewitt, Ontario, Canada wrote a blog post on The Share Space – Resources for families of children with special needs titled “Future Planning: F-words in Childhood Disability” (March 27 2013)

External Videos on the F-words 

Vicki Cavalieros, CEO, Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN), Australia 

Vicki Cavalieros discusses the F Words and how clinicians should work with individuals with cerebral palsy and their families.

Tess Karambelas, Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN), Australia 

Tess Karambelas gives personal insight and advice for clinicians working with individuals with cerebral palsy.