Limitations, Suggestions, Recommendations

Limitations of these materials include:

  • the focus is only on outcomes of motor function, self-care, participation, enjoyment and playfulness and determinants that we perceive to be amenable to change
  • a brief measure of adaptive behaviour is not yet available

Suggestions on how these presentations can be used:

  • Self-study
  • Group In-services: lead by a "local champion": possibly a half-day session for measures and a separate half-day for use of model testing results
  • Between these sessions, individual therapists could collect data using the measures on one or more child on his / her caseload for "case illustrations" at the model testing session
  • The conceptual model might "open up" ideas about what services might include

Further recommendations for Pediatric Physical Therapy Curriculum based on the findings of the Move & PLAY study can be found here.

We are interested in hearing from you about the potential utility of this package of information in your setting. Please contact us through the CanChild email.