Research Summaries

In the second presentation, you will learn about the Move & PLAY study model, how it was tested, and what the results tell us about groups of children with cerebral palsy with respect to determinants of outcomes of motor function, self-care, participation, enjoyment and play. A case study is presented and guidelines are provided on how these results can be applied to clinical decision making for individual children.

Eleven research summaries FOR FAMILIES AND SERVICE PROVIDERS have been prepared from the results of the Move & PLAY Study, conducted by Doreen Bartlett, Lisa Chiarello, Robert Palisano, Peter Rosenbaum, Sally Westcott McCoy, Lynn Jeffries, Alyssa LaForme Fiss, Barbara Stoskopf, Audrey Wood, Allison Yocum, Barbara Sieck Taylor and Tina Hjorngaard. These 11 summaries have been refined with assistance of this research study team, including the dissemination facilitator (Barbara Stoskopf), parent consultants (Barbara Sieck Taylor and Tina Hjorngaard), study assessors, an independent group of parents of young children with CP, as well as therapists who provide services to such children but were not a part of the study. Each summary is meant to stand alone; however, when applicable, we provide information on the relationship between summaries and recommend if a particular summary should be read first. As an example, the summary on the conceptual model for this study provides an overview of the purpose and framework for the entire study, so the team recommends that it should be read first.

Furthermore, each summary has different parts to it, each of which may appeal differently to each reader. For example, the "thought boxes" at the end of each summary add a "so what?" component for parents and therapists who wish to fast forward to find out the more practical components of the summary, and see a "take home" message. For those readers unsure of certain terms used in the summaries, there are links to a glossary which defines some uncommon words, so readers can progress through these summaries more easily. For those individuals who would like to learn a bit more about the specific measures or psychometric properties of the tools used in the various research summaries, there are links that will take them to such information. Each summary also has a list of the references used in creating the summary, a link to the full research article from which the summary came (when available), and links to places where you can get more information on the topic presented (including specific contact information for some members of the research team).

Summaries will be posted as associated full research manuscripts are accepted.

These summaries were created by parents and therapists, for parents and therapists. If you have any further questions regarding these summaries, or have feedback for our team, please contact the principal investigators, Doreen Bartlett and / or Lisa Chiarello.

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Research summaries currently available:

  1. Conceptual Model of the Move and PLAY Study
  2. Health Conditions of Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  3. Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM), New Shortened Versions
  4. Recreation and Rehabilitation Services
  5. Family Life
  6. Motor and Self-Care Abilities
  7. Self-Care and Ease of Caregiving
  8. Primary Impairments (coming soon)
  9. Secondary Impairments (coming soon)
  10. Children’s Participation in Family Activities and Play (coming soon)
  11. Participation and Playfulness (coming soon)